Employment and Tax Preparation

We understand the significance of being able to support yourself and your family.

We help create employment partnerships. We empower refugees and immigrants to utilize services and referrals leading to employment. We also motivate, inspire, encourage and guide the unemployed and underemployed through job readiness training and on-the-job support.

During tax season, we also offer self-assisted tax preparation.

Employment services include:

Evaluation and pre-screening for job compatibility
Assessment of work experience
Computer literacy
English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) instruction
Participation in employment preparation workshops
Job placements and referrals
Referrals to job fairs
Online job search and application assistance
Resume and cover letter writing assistance
Interview etiquette and skills
Mock interviewing
Work etiquette, ethics and job policies and procedures
Customer service skills
Leadership development
Referrals to short-term vocational training programs
Access to computers, copiers, fax machines and telephones

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